The locksmiths guide to protecting your sheds in Croydon

27/04/2014 15:19
As locksmiths in Croydon for many years we have seen lots of things and the number one thing that we advise all of our customers is to make sure that they protect all of their property whether inside or outside of the home.
One of the most vulnerable places around your home has got to be the outhouses such as sheds and garages but when people think of home security they often forget to think about protecting their garages and sheds and just take it for granted that having a basic lock on the door will protect them from opportunist thieves.
The trouble with garages and sheds are the fact that they contain are lots of high-value items that are easily portable and easily sold if you think about it most of the devices and tools kept in these outbuildings are a minimum of £100 so to a criminal these are great because they are easy to sell and they can get some good money for them this is why the security of these buildings is so important.
So we decided to put together a locksmiths guide on how to keep your sheds and garages safe and secure.
Our first tip has got to be make sure you put adequate door locks and padlocks on your garages and sheds a lot of people cannot be bothered when it comes to security of the outbuildings and think that a basic five pound padlock from the DIY store will be suitable for protecting hundreds of pounds worth of equipment.
When I'm here to tell you that the thieves that are targeting your property absolutely love it when people do not bother buying decent locks for their sheds because it makes it so much easier than two break into and they can be away with your valuable equipment before you've even realised what happened.
So when it comes to buying locks and padlocks we always recommend that you go for the best quality that you can afford because of better quality the lock the more secure your belongings inside our this may seem very obvious but you'll be surprised at the amount of jobs we go to as locksmiths where they have just put a basic lock on the door and the thief has broken in easily.
The next thing you need to do is assess any vulnerable points on the building itself example a lot of the cheaper sheds have cheap plastic for windows and these can be easily pushing so that someone can gain access to the inside of your shared now there's no point in having a good quality lock on your shed door if someone can just simply push in the plastic windows and gain entry that way.
So you need to think about the best way of securing these plastic windows and that has got to be by fitting bars on the inside of your shed or you can buy metal mesh that you can fix across the window this will allow light to come in still but will prevent anybody from being able to push the window in and gain access that way.
This is just one of the ways in which a ship can be vulnerable every sheds and out building is different and needs to be assessed for its vulnerable point if you're not too sure about where to start looking you can contact a local locksmith if you're looking to someone in Croydon old highly recommend this company as they provide a wide range of security services and offer free assessments of your home and external buildings.
Another step you can take to keeping your outbuildings safe is by adding them to your alarm a lot of alarm manufacturers now have add-ons that you can sit to external property this helps keep your external property safe and also notify you if someone tries to break in during the night.
This is a very simple step but is a massive deterrent when it comes to securing your sheds and garages as locksmiths we would recommend taking the security of your home very seriously and you need to try and make it very difficult for anybody that wants to target you and take your belongings so if you follow these simple steps you should be all set for securing your home against opportunist thieves.


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